We are offering meal options set up for about 6 family members. Menus include a protein, sauce and a starch sometimes other condiments to make meal a success. Our idea is to provide a great homemade meals to save you time, have a fantastic price point, and relieve the stress of... WHAT'S FOR DINNER?


    Every week we present menu options on various days. We describe our dinner. Set up a count limit and a dead line to get your meal. For us to create a great price point and consistent product, we found a certain number of selected meals and a group drop off/ pick up (Prairie Lane Pool Parking Lot) work for everyone's advantage.


    We have set up a sign up genius to display our meals. Thank you for taking an interest and we hope you enjoy what we provide!! 

Please check our Sign Up Genius!!! 

Look for Our Sign ups Under: colleen@bobsgrillandcafe.com

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